Monday, June 1, 2009

Made it to Rapid City, SD. Speedometer blew again.

Had a great time in Iowa City hanging with Kevin. Rode a long long day to Parkston, SD, 460 miles on beautiful long straight wide flat fast secondary roads. South Dakota has officially overtaken western PA for the nicest rides of the trip.

MY #$%!NG SPEEDOMETER BLEW AGAIN!!!! I'll have to do the whole rest of the ride without knowing how far or how fast because I'll wait for a part in pittsburgh but, forgive me fine residents of Rapid City, South Dakota, not here. I'm upset that I waited in PGH for a whole week to make sure I wouldn't have to do this ride without my speedo and odometer and here I am with over 1,000 miles to go and they crapped out again.

There's way more to report than I have energy to type right now. Forgive the slack upkeep of this page.

Look at pictures.


These roads. They just keep going and going and going and going. When I ride out to the horizon and crest a hill, another scene just like this unfolds again before me. over and over and over again. Red Bull + Saves The Day = my friends.

Taking pictures while stopped in the middle of the road for a construction zone. This one turned out neat.

Trick Photography

All tucked under the eaves anticipating a storm that never came.

Parkston, SD

They don't call them the Badlands for nothin'.

This guy.

Every ride report needs the bike-with-scenic-backdrop photo.


Yes, I actually took this photo today.

Tomorrow I join the throngs of tourists in the Black Hills and take pictures of Mount Rushmore.

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  1. Yeah, Badlands=Badass! Totally loved that place and running around. That's where I saw my first prairie dog too. good times, good times! The layers are incredible. History laid out so logically in front of you!