Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adios, Guatemala

Soooo... been a while.

I´m Leaving San Pedro La Laguna today for the capital, then flying out tomorrow for NYC. My head is spinning and my heart is heavy about leaving. The past few weeks have been wonderful, hanging out with friends, going back to the pacific beach, kayaking, picking, processing, roasting and drinking coffee, having dinners and bonfires, speaking spanish a ton, spinning poi with some incredibly inspiring people. I injured my foot a bit about two weeks ago but it´s getting better, didn´t stop me from climbing a mountain called the Indian´s Nose a few days ago. Such fun, such good people and I´ll miss them all like crazy. All the folks I mentioned in the last post and then a few more good ones since then, too. sigh.

A journal entry about all the reasons I have to be happy about going home begins:

Hot showers with good pressure. Taps you can drink from. Big fluffy comforters. Lost.

It goes on to mention my family, sweetheart, motorcycle, drumset, South Pond, music....all the usual. I´m trying to convince myself once and for all that I´m ready to be back, we´ll see how it works in the end...

And Guatemalan coffee is fantastic and all, but I´ve been missing the yirgacheffe somethin´fierce.

Goodbye Guatemala friends. Vermont friends I´m on my way.

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  1. Hey man, nice that you're on your way back, I can only imagine the mixed emotions though.

    so anyway, this morning on one of my local NPR station, they were talking with Dean, the owner of Dean's Beans, and he was talking about various types and processes, etc, and cupping some coffees in the studio for the dj's to try. I didn't get to hear much, but what I did was pretty rad. Apparently he was the first buyer to actually visit Timor, which I thought was pretty rad. Anyway, I guess we'll have to talk about all this over a nice warm cup some time soon. Safe travels!